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Celebrate Canada 150

Discover Toronto's celebrations, commemorations, and exhibitions produced in honour of Canada's 150 birthday. From large-scale artwork and concerts to cultural programs, official openings and community days, there is something for everyone to enjoy in 2017!

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Digital tools are changing the way we experience architecture. Here's a snapshot of download-worthy apps, podcasts, videos and interactive websites that inspire a new appreciation of the built environment.

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Our built environment shapes our daily experiences. We encourage you to discover architecture and increase your awareness of how it positively impacts our lives.

Celebrate Canada 150

Celebrate Canada 150 – Discover Ontario Architecture

In Celebration of Canada 150, we invite all Canadians to take a photo of their favourite building and tell us what it means to them to help us build a snapshot of architecture across Canada. Use the hashtag #150bldgsON and the hashtag of the city or town location of the building #CityName on Twitter. Share your pride in your community and what makes your neighbourhood unique. We hope you enjoy discovering architecture.

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Community – Linking People + Architecture: the power of story telling

People make communities unique. Their shared experience, geographical location, and history, together with their diversity, all work together to create an individuality that ultimately differentiates one community from the next. We travel or study to learn about others, in order to better learn about ourselves. Understanding others opens up our world. It is this uniqueness […]

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Placemaking: Community engagement opportunities

Placemaking is a process as well as a philosophy. It is based on creating better public spaces by involving everyone in their creation as well as setting the vision for the project. Placemaking is about collaboration of all the parties involved and is strongly attached to the idea of creating vibrant, lively places throughout an […]

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