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Discover Stories of Architecture

These articles are just the beginning!

The stories below introduce a number of “Favourite buildings” in Ontario, Canada. They were chosen by MPPs and range from new buildings to historic architecture. Each begins to tell a story of how it impacts the community, adds to an experience, or assists in meeting a specific goal.

The articles include links to more information about the architecture, the community, and those who inhabit or use the spaces.


  • 4_Cobalt Train Station

    Cobalt Train Station (1910)

      Chicken or the Egg Cobalt’s train station stands as a monument to the town’s foundation. When the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railway was being built, there were no plans for a station at that location. However, as railroad workers made their way through the forest, they came across a vein of silver. This place […]

    • Architects: John M. Lyle (Original Building), Taylor/Hazell Architects Ltd. (Restoration)
    • Image Courtesy of Winnie Kammermayer
  • North Bay General Hospital 
assignment for Book

    North Bay Regional Health Centre (2011)

    A Community, Not An Institution  Much of the effort behind the design of the North Bay Regional Health Centre was to address the institutional feel of typical health centres. To achieve this, the architects designed the centre with the idea of a small Northern Ontario community – the core of the project comprises a chaplaincy, […]

    • Architect (original building): Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc.
    • Ed Eng Photography
  • H6EMP2 Hiram Walker and Sons Canadian Club distillery main building in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

    Canadian Club Brand Heritage Centre | Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd Main Office Building (1894)

    Sitting on the Canadian shore of the Detroit River, this stately manor was once the head-quarters to one of Canada’s most recognized business empires. It stands as a monument not only to Hiram Walker and Canadian Club’s legacy, but to the foundation of Walkerville. Building as Branding A symbol of the powerful business empire established […]

    • Mason and Rice (USA)
    • Image ID: H6EMP2 | File size: 26.3 MB
  • 5_BAPS_Shri_Swaminarayan_Mandir

    BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (2007)

    “What we build and how we build it has a profound impact on who we are and how we are together… our destiny has always been to find strength in our diversity. This is a place where people gather to build something beautiful — a community.” Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, 2007 The first of its […]

    • Papadopoulos & Pradhan Architects Inc.
    • Courtesy of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
  • 3_Templar Flats

    Templar Flats

    Part of an ambitious movement to revitalize Hamilton’s downtown core, Templar Flats demonstrates the power of context-sensitive mid-rise infill projects to reinvigorate our cities and strengthen our urban fabric. A Wood Mid-rise Templar Flats is a pioneer in mid-rise construction in Ontario because it is the first modern inhabited six storey wood structure in the […]

    • Lintack Architects Incorporated
    • Lintack Architects
  • 4_Wabano

    Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health (2013)

    “We’re very invisible in this city. One aspect for us was to become visible people with value, and to be proud to show who we are.” Alison Fisher, Executive Director of Wabano Centre Architecture with Meaning Both in its interior and its exterior, the centre incorporates numerous First Nations symbols – particularly those tied to […]

    • Cardinal Conley & Associates Inc.
    • Adam Tracey
  • 1_Woodstock Public Library

    Woodstock Public Library (1909)

    Shared History The Woodstock Public Library is one of 111 Carnegie libraries in Ontario – all built with grants by the Carnegie Foundation. Carnegie libraries are often recognizable from their shared simple plans and neoclassical features – a conservative style that references back to Greek and Roman architecture and which was a common choice for […]

    • (Original Building): Chadwick & Becket; (Renovation): Phillip H. Carter Architect
    • Courtesy of Woodstock Public Library
  • Canadian Museum of Nature 01_hr

    Museum of Nature (1905)

    Built as Canada’s first federally owned, purpose-built museum building, the Victoria Memorial Building holds a unique place in Canadian history – both in the programs it has housed and in the architectural style it was built in. The Birthplace of Canadian Museums The building has long been considered the birthplace of Canada’s well-regarded museum infrastructure, […]

    • (Original Building): David Ewart / (Renovation): Padolsky, Kuwabara, Gagnon Joint Ventures Architects (PKG): Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. Architects, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, Gagnon, Letellier, Cyr, Ricard, Mathieu Architectes
    • Tom Arban
  • Celebrate World Architecture Day — October 2

    Climate Change Action! is the International Union of Architects’ call to action for World Architecture Day 2017. The threat of climate change is real. Rapid urbanization and building developments are increasing our fuel energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission. As the range of global challenges grows and intensifies, the role of architecture, planning and design […]

  • Placemaking: Community engagement opportunities

    Placemaking is a process as well as a philosophy. It is based on creating better public spaces by involving everyone in their creation as well as setting the vision for the project. Placemaking is about collaboration of all the parties involved and is strongly attached to the idea of creating vibrant, lively places throughout an […]

    • iStock image
  • Community – Linking People + Architecture: the power of story telling

    People make communities unique. Their shared experience, geographical location, and history, together with their diversity, all work together to create an individuality that ultimately differentiates one community from the next. We travel or study to learn about others, in order to better learn about ourselves. Understanding others opens up our world. It is this uniqueness […]

    • Brook McIlroy Architects
  • sharon-temple-2

    Architecture as Community Symbol: Sharon Temple

    Architecture reflects values. More than a remarkable example of early wood architecture in Ontario, Sharon Temple stands as a symbol of the community’s core values of equality, peace and social justice. Created as a place of assembly by the Children of Peace, a breakaway sect of the Quakers, the temple remains a testament to one […]

    • E.R.A. Architects (Restoration)
    • Courtesy of E.R.A. Architects Inc.
  • ymca

    Architecture shapes healthy communities: Les Chater Family YMCA

    Architecture responds to social needs– Recognizing the importance of sports and recreation to the development of a healthy city, this YMCA provides the perfect backdrop for the community to grow, engage and play. A New Community Hub More than just a gym, this YMCA forms part of the larger Hamilton South Mountain Complex which includes […]

    • Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners in association with Garwood-Jones & Hanham
    • Perkins + Will Canada Inc.
  • richard-ivey

    Architecture inspires learning: Richard Ivey Building, University of Western Ontario

    Architecture enhances the academic experience – Building upon a long-standing academic tradition, the Richard Ivey Building is designed to support the school’s signature method of learning. Providing a modern take on the traditional collegiate quadrangle, the Richard Ivey Building is an elegant addition to Western’s campus which carefully balances a respect for the university’s heritage […]

    • Hariri Pontarini Architects
    • Ben Rahn / A-Frame
  • graydon-hall

    Architecture as Celebration: Graydon Hall

    Architecture Creates Unique Experiences – Tucked away among leafy suburban streets, this English-style country home brings together architecture, landscape architecture and interior design to create the perfect setting for celebration. Built as the “sportsman’s paradise” home of Canadian financier Rubert Bain, Graydon Hall brought together a talented team of architects, landscape architects, and interior designers […]

    • George & Moorhouse
    • Ryan Falkenberg
  • hamilton-cnr-station

    Architecture as Culture: LIUNA Station

    Architecture responds to local needs – Reflective of Hamilton’s past and present, this former C.N. railway station stands as a reminder of the importance of the railway in the early prosperity of this industrial city, while acting as a beacon of new economic opportunities in the adaptive reuse of our heritage. Erected along the city’s […]

    • John Schofield (C.N.R. Corporate Architect)
    • Library and Archives Canada / PA

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