Architecture reflects values. More than a remarkable example of early wood architecture in Ontario, Sharon Temple stands as a symbol of the community’s core values of equality, peace and social justice.

Created as a place of assembly by the Children of Peace, a breakaway sect of the Quakers, the temple remains a testament to one of early Canada’s most significant communities. The Children of Peace would play a pivotal role in the formation of democracy in Upper Canada by helping establish one of our first political parties and, through their social values and activism, aid in the institution of Responsible Government in Canada – where government is responsible to the people, rather than to the monarch.

A People’s Architecture

The architecture of the temple is highly symbolic, reflecting the Children of Peace’s values. Its three tiers represent the Trinity. The square form and symmetry is meant to symbolize the sect’s commitment to democracy, egalitarianism, and social justice. A door in each of the four sides allows people to enter on an equal footing from all directions.

Custodians of Our Heritage

Since 2010, E.R.A. Architects has used the latest technology – including laser scanning and digital 3D point cloud modelling, as well as extensive study of the complex timber frame structure – to develop a conservation strategy to restore the temple. The result is the successful preservation of a building that tells the story and cultural contributions of the people that built it.

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