Architecture Creates Unique Experiences – Tucked away among leafy suburban streets, this English-style country home brings together architecture, landscape architecture and interior design to create the perfect setting for celebration.

Built as the “sportsman’s paradise” home of Canadian financier Rubert Bain, Graydon Hall brought together a talented team of architects, landscape architects, and interior designers to create a unique experience where indoor and outdoor spaces were treated with the same attention to detail.

After Bain’s death, much of the manor’s prized landscapes were sold to developers and transformed into apartment buildings and suburban housing. Fortunately, the manor and part of the formal gardens have survived to this day, and since 2000 the manor has once again opened its doors to celebration as a boutique meeting and event venue – a fitting reuse for a building once considered the perfect setting for high society balls.

More than a Building

While the manor’s architecture is noteworthy by its own merits, it is its careful placement on site and relationship with the numerous open spaces that make Graydon Hall so special. The gardens were designed to make best use of solar orientation, the fountain court and allee on the south allow the low warming winter sun into the home, while evergreens on the north and the building’s mass protect from the cold northwestern winds.


The close relationship between interior and exterior spaces was achieved thanks to the collaboration between the architects Allan George and Walter Moorehouse and the landscape architects Dunnington-Grubb & Stenson – a shining example of the whole being greater than its parts.

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