Architecture has the power to entice people to visit a community.

In the competitive world of agri-tourism, this winery is a trailblazing pioneer that understood the importance of creating a landmark destination as it aims to establish a new industry in Huron County.

Built as one of the first estate wineries in the region, Dark Horse Estate Winery is a 31,000 square foot facility containing everything a winery could need – from production facilities to tasting rooms and event space. Located on the outskirts of Grand Bend, the winery’s distinctive design – an integral element in establishing a new tourism industry in the region – simultaneously recalls the surrounding rural environment and the finesse and attention to detail required in the crafting of good wine.

A Budding industry

Throughout its design, the winery seeks to celebrate its rural setting. Its form is reminiscent of a livery stable – inspired by the owner’s love for horses – and its rich material palette evokes the surrounding countryside with rustic stone masonry and plentiful use of reclaimed lumber. Proper solar orientation and thoughtful architectural elements create a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that allow visitors to absorb their surroundings in comfort.

Celebrating Huron County

From its inception, the winery recognized the importance of creating a truly remarkable destination facility that would attract tourists to this budding wine region. The facility is one of the first wineries in Huron County. It has added 20 acres of vines to the area as they pave the way for other growers, wine makers and family farms to diversity and strengthen the economy in the county.

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