World Architecture Day aims to draw the attention of professionals and the public to issues concerning cities and housing. The growth and intensity of urbanization directly increases global challenges. Architecture plays an essential role in alleviating human suffering, reducing planetary burdens, and enhancing the quality of life.

The role of architecture, planning and design are critical to ensuring a better future for all people. Architecture has an enormous power to shape communities that are strong, safe, equitable, productive and affordable.

All of us interact with our built environment constantly but are we aware of its far-reaching effects? Understanding how architecture impacts our lives it critical to achieving the best solutions. Once again this year, Members of Provincial Parliament submitted their favourite buildings in their ridings. Be sure to view the recent articles to read about how these examples of Ontario architecture impact their communities.

Collaboration with the public, the user, the development + building industry, and the government is essential to moving forward. Get involved and find out more about the power of architecture.

Together, we can commit to building a better future, community by community.

Happy World Architecture Day!